“Photo By:”

What started as a gag at the NAHBS event in Portland 2008 has blossomed into a regular feature of my life.  While at the bike show we spotted Robin Williams admiring all of the beautiful frames made by the very person sitting in their respective booth.

Instead of just asking the tired request for an autograph or photo, we turned things around a bit by asking for a “group photo”.  Robin said ‘sure’ so I handed him my camera, showed him the button to push and I walked back to line up with my friends.

And at that moment, “Photo By:” was born.  Photo By: Robin Williams.

(pardon my mustache, I was in Portland so I was required to have it.)

We didn’t ask for a photo with Robin.  That was the end of it and we all walked on.  Which brings us to some of the rules of Photo By:

1. Never acknowledge their celebrity.  You are simply asking for a favor by having your photo taken.

2. No autographs or photos with or of your subject.  No “I loved you in Look Who’s Talking 6.”

3. Get in, get the shot, say ‘thanks’, and get out.

There was an extremely long hiatus in the Photo By: series for various mostly unknown reasons. Maybe I put it on the back burner, maybe I didn’t encounter too many celebs.  Regardless, its back now and I’ll keep updating my gallery as opportunity allows. And as far as my therapist and I have been able to determine, this isn’t an exercise in narcissism, more just an unorthodox way of interacting with people who get bugged for photos and autographs on a daily basis. With my technique they don’t have to be concerned with how they look, if they’re having a bad hair day, if they feel fat, or if they have that “fresh out of rehab” face.

Things don’t always work out, however.  I’ve ben flat-out denied (William Shatner) or just encountered someone when the timing really wasn’t right (Meg Ryan, Ben Affleck).  If they are sitting in a restaurant having a conversation with a friend, of course I’m not going to ask “Hey will you stop what you’re doing and take my picture? Here-“.

Now fast-forward to May of 2010 in Malibu, CA at a Starbucks stop along our 100+ mile ride up the coast to Santa Barbara.  We spotted Kevin Dillon aka Johnny Drama from Entourage sitting outside with some friends.  I asked him the scripted “Would you mind a group photo?”  and he jumped up and agreed.  However, before I could stop him he lined up with my riding buddies and posed for the photo he thought I was about to take.  “Sorry man” I told him, “I need you over here behind the camera.”

His friends hit the floor with laughter and I got a bunch of shit from Kevin, asking why I couldn’t have just asked anyone closer to us.  In the end he was a good sport and gave us what we wanted, and we got back on our bikes and continued onward, mission accomplished.

Malibu, CA. Photo By: Kevin Dillon

Shrine Auditorium in L.A. for an Arcade Fire show.  Photo By: Zach Galifianakis.

House party with actress Linda Gray from ‘Dallas’.

Photo By: Larry Hagman

Largo Theater, L.A. Dec. 2010. Photo By: Jeff Goldblum

Christmas 2010. Photo By: Andy Garcia

Comedian Doug Benson Valentine’s Night.

Summer 2011 Photo By: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Pre-ride coffee.  Photo By: Oscar Nunez (“Oscar” on The Office)

Beverly Hills parking lot. Photo By: Gene Simmons.

“Dallas” premiere on TNT.  Photo By: Patrick Duffy

Outside a bar in L.A. Photo (and finger) By: Keifer Sutherland

At the local coffee shop with my barista friend. Photo By: Annette Benning.

Being an avid bike rider and part-time Pro cyclist stalker, I’ve found myself in a few situations that helped fill out the Photo By: gallery.

Photo By: Jens Voigt. 2012 Tour of CA.

Photo By: Mario Cipollini in his booth at Interbike 2012.

Perhaps the first “Making Of” photo with Cipo!

Me and the lady. Photo By: Miguel “Big Mig” Indurain. From his poster signing table at Interbike 2012.Shirt courtesy card-snappers on the Strip.

Photo By: Dave Zabriskie. 2012 Tour of CA.

Photo By: BikeSnob NYC aka Eben Weiss.  2012 book tour.

Photo By: Andy Schleck. Downtown L.A. 2011 Tour of CA

Photo By: Chris Horner, after winning the 2011 Tour of CA

Photo By: Mark Cavendish 2010 Tour of CA

Photo By: George Hincapie. 2010 Interbike, Las Vegas.

Photo By: Jonathan Vaughters. (Vegas. don’t ask.)

More to come – stay tuned!


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10 responses to ““Photo By:”

  1. Nancy Norris

    Clearly you have not changed my Friend, Genious!

  2. It’s my lifelong goal to be famous enough to get a Hollywood “Photo By” shouldertap.

  3. Rut

    thanks and brings up good memories. Keep the photos up. You heading to Sea Otter this year?

  4. I made it on the HW blog. Am I famous now?

  5. jacquiephelan

    jeff, big fun, clever game with the “photo by”!! I always hand the celebrity MY autograph, and say I have only this to give you… or, “you’ll be wanting my autograph”…

  6. Leah

    Cool and daring idea.

  7. Everydayride

    Absolutely hilarious. Your “Photo By:” segments just make me laugh in typical LA style. What can I c’est? Genius. [edit:] -reedit back on topic

  8. I like all the photobombs in the Big George photo

  9. Adam

    This is hilarious – by the way, greetings from Ukraine, this is Adam from Bicycle John’s, now with Peace Corps!

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