ThinkCooper Gathering ’09 – Santa Cruz, CA

I survived my 2nd annual visit to the ThinkCooper/Lounge Gathering and Pyro Ride in Santa Cruz, a scant 5.5 hr. journey north of L.A. and worth every morsel of roadside salty snack food and taurine-boosted energy drink the 4 of us can find along the way.

I have reserved Space #3a on the Cooper living room floor for sleeping purposes. I have my road bike, fireproof topical gel, beer from Belgium, and requisite duffel bag full of my signature attire. Weekend is go!

Out for a little coastal spin with 20 of my closest bike-forum-screen-name-people I’ve never met-friends. (click on pics = big)

Rolling out

Heading inland into the redwoods

Back home and changed into proper party-wear with our host.

Let the games begin!

Cooper admires one of his creations

“Need a light?”

Alcohol and Fire go well together

Shit’s getting serious now. Westvleteren 12 from my luggage stash returning from Belgique


JB documents Mrs. Cooper’s burning ring of fire

Getting flamed

Mrs. Coop & Eddy


Sunday welcomes a mellow brunch cruise down the street to the always excellent Harbor Cafe.

My posse’s getting big and my posse’s getting bigger.

Until next year….Happy trails


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